The Edinburgh Tool Library

The Edinburgh Tool Library (ETL) is a charity that exists to support the local community. It provides members with access to tools for DIY, painting and decorating, gardening and woodwork.

By joining, you have access to the tool inventory formed from donated equipment by individuals, organisations, and other members.

By sharing tools, we are empowering them to fulfil their purpose, which in turn enables us to fulfil ours. The knock on effects benefit the environment, our community, and our wallets. We have also embarked on an employability programme, using older members of our community as mentors for young unemployed people with barriers to work.

We ask all members for a refundable deposit of £10 when they join, and an annual membership fee. Annual membership can come in the form of donated tools, or money. We ask our members to donate what they can afford.


The Tool Librarians

***Please note, you can apply for membership online or in person. In both cases, in order to be a full member we will need to see your photo ID and a recent official letter with your current address on. Please bring this, along with your deposit and any donation, to the police box on a Saturday. You will not be able to borrow or reserve items until you are a full member.***