1/4" Plunge Router (ETL0990) In Stock Now


Routers are woodworking super heroes as they are the most versatile tool in the workshop. They


  • Create decorative mouldings

  • Create decorative flutings and inlays

  • Trim wood

  • Cut out shapes and copying a shape

  • Cut traditional joints

  • Carve out shapes

  • Cut grooves and rabbets

  • Recess hinges

  • Drill clean holes

Plunge Routers - allow you to set the depth of the cut but also allows you to plunge down into the material directly from above.

Trim routers are smaller machines and easier to handle - you can operate it with one hand.  It can do much of what a normal plunge router can do but as it is less powerful it can’t handle heavy duty cutting. 

Basic 900w Plunge Router, no accessories or bits.


Take some time to make sure that you have the right set up to get a good finish on your job and to work safely.  These links give a feel for the very many  different things a router can do.  Make sure that the bit is properly fitted and that you work in the right direction for the rotation of the bit.

Basic information - text : Router Woodworking Basics: How to Use a Router


Please note: these are general introductions to this type of tool and are not specific to this exact tool. We always advise reading the manual (which you can find linked under the tool image on the left), especially the safety advisories, before using any tools.

How to use a wood router (video): How to Use a Router | Woodworking

How to use a trim router and freehand routing (video): How to use a Trim Router and Bits

How to use a router table (video): How to Use a Router Table -- WOOD magazine


Safety glasses - Essential

Dust mask - Essential

Ear protection - Essential

Safety glasses, ear protection, and other PPE are available for a suggestion donation in both of our depots.


Router bits! - Essential. They usually come as a set containing different profiles which will cut different shapes.

ClampsEssential.  Clamp the wood you are routing into your work surface.

Extraction:  Recommended.  Routers produce a huge amount of dust and using them inside without extraction will cause a huge mess. You may be able to fit your vacuum cleaner to the router as a form of extraction.

Spanner:  RecommendedTo change the bits - most routers come with its own tool to change the bits but check anyway.

Router Table: Useful. To allow you to securely fix your router upside down – keeping both of your hands free to run the wood over the router, rather than running the tool over the workpiece.  This can help with control and safety in particular on small or fiddly jobs.