3D printer (ETL2055) Due 27/02/2023

This is a Colido d1315 3D printer
It uses 1.75mm filament, which is not provided (but you can check to see if any has been left by previous borrower)
It is a older model, but does work. It would suit someone who wants to try 3D printing, and is willing to work with a printer that doesn't make perfect prints every time.
And this is the slicing software that you will need to download and install -  https://www.repetier.com/

It comes with a usb drive that has some calibration and test prints on it. With the manual linked above these will help you set up the printer.

One of the comon issues with this printer is making sure that the print sticks to the print bed, as the bed is not heated. Putting pritt stick on the base can help with this, and raising the temperature of the nozzle (using the slicing software) also helps.

Note: the default loan length for this item is 60 days