Black and Decker 12V Reviva Cordless Multi Tool (ETL3760) Check Availability


Rotary multi-tools are handheld power tools with multiple attachments. They can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding and engraving a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, glass and plastic. They are often referred to by the brand name Dremel, but be aware that tools and attachments from different manufacturers may not be compatible.

Rotary multi-tools are good for small-scale precision jobs. For workpieces larger than a few centimetres across, use a larger tool specific to the type of work being done e.g. angle grinder for cutting metal, palm sander for sanding wood.

This multi tool's housing is made with 50% recycled plastic - 12 bottles!

  • Toolless quick release for Reviva attachments
  • Sanding and cutting attachment (see second picture)
  • Adaptor to allow use of any other type of manufacturers blade
  • Cuts, sands, scrapes and grinds

***Full PPE of eye and ear protection should be worn with this tool, and a dusk mask if sanding or grinding***


As these tools do so many different jobs, safety requirements will vary significantly. Consider PPE in the context of the material you are working with e.g. release of hazardous dust or chemicals.

Safety glasses – Essential when working with metal for examples

Safety glasses, ear protection, and other PPE are available for a suggested donation in all of our depots.


* Attachments – Essential Rotary tools can take many types of attachments, specific to both the material being worked on and the job being done e.g engraving, polishing, cutting. We might not have exactly what you need in stock so you might need to go and shop once you have the tool.


Identify the right attachment for the job before you start. By power tool standards, most rotary tool attachments are small and delicate. Be careful not to use them too forcefully, as they are liable to break under pressure.

Secure the workpiece firmly in an appropriate manner, or hold it so it does not move while being worked on. Avoid holding the workpiece when cutting; you may need to hold it for sanding and engraving.

Most multi-tools have adjustable speeds. Slower speeds may enable more detailed work e.g. a sanding wheel at lower speed will remove less material.

Be aware that some attachments can get hot in use.


Note this video is a general introduction and is not specific to this exact tool. We always advise reading the manual if provided below, especially the safety advisories, before using any tools.