Black and Decker 12V Reviva Cordless Detail Sander (ETL3761) Check Availability


A sanding block is a block used to hold sandpaper. Usually sandpaper is wrapped around a block of wood or cork with a flat smooth side and clamped in place but now there are also sanding block designed in aluminium with handy handles.

Hand sanding is great for a quick job but you might want to pick a power sander for a bigger project.

The tool housing of this sander is made with 50% recycled plastic - 11 bottles.

  • Great for sanding and removing rust in tight spaces
  • 30 minutes constant run time on a full charge
  • Light weight and small

*** A dust mask should always be worn when sanding***


This is a low-risk tool but Safety glasses and Work Gloves are recommended as a precaution.

Safety glasses, ear protection, and other PPE are available for a suggested donation at check out.


* Consumables – Sanding paper/pads – Essential. You can choose between a wide range of grit numbers for sanding discs, depending on the material you have to sand and the kind of work you have to do. The higher the grit number, the finer the sanding paper and the finer the end result will be. As a guide, 60 grit sandpaper is very coarse and 180 is quite fine for woodwork. We can’t guarantee which kind of sanding discs will be on this sander. We have a small selection that you can borrow, but you may need to buy your own from B+Q, Screwfix etc. See our Guide to buying and using sandpapers:


Wrap a piece of sandpaper around the block. Hold it in place with clips and then sand your piece with the flat side of the sander. By inserting a fitted piece of cardboard under the sandpaper, one can soften the impact on the wood and protect against tears or uneven wear on the sandpaper.